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Lunada Literary Lounge ~ May 2015
SF Flor y Canto State of Emergency Reading
The Q-Sides


Wed 3/4 - Wed 5/20 | 7:30 pm
Bomba Dance Classes with Taller Bombalele
Bomba Dance Classes with Taller Bombalele

This dance class teaches the basics of Puerto Rican Bomba customs through Dance, Percussion, and Song. The  traditional folkloric music of Bomba is a blend of the three cultures of the Island of Puerto Rico, African, Spanish, and Taino. Bomba is a challenge/connection between the drummer and the dancer, in which the dancer produces a series of gestures with a skirt or with their feet and hands in which the drummer provides a synchronized beat.

Artistic Leadership: 
Denise Solis, Musical Director
Julia C. Cepeda, Choreographer Director

For additional information please contact Abby Hernández at or call (415) 826-8009.

Thu 3/5 - Thu 5/7
Off Your Chest and Onto the Stage!

Are you holding inside pent-up emotions about a fast transforming community landscape, evictions, police brutality... do you have powerful stories to share and just can't find the way to get them out... or have you been thinking about performing for a long time and never quite found the time or resources to do it...?

Wed 4/1 - Sat 5/30
S24 presents African Indigenous Swag
by Azteca Negra, Tres Mercedes, and Soldadera

For the 2015 launch of Studio 24 Presents, Galería de la Raza welcomes local Bay Area artists working with textiles: Azteca Negra, Soldadera and Tres Mercedes. These three artists work with fabrics and patterns that reference their Afro-Indigenous histories and bring them into contemporary urban objects and merchandize. The hand made objects recall histories of liberation, honor, pride, boldness, resistance, revolution and spiritual meanings. The showcased items are firmly rooted in identity and merge culture, modern art, geometric principles and traditional textiles that are incorporated in shoes, hats, earrings, and scarves, amongst many other items that celebrate and share traditional and modern art-form practices, beliefs, and positive messages.

Thu 4/2 - Sat 5/9
EXISTE LO QUE TIENE NOMBRE: Contemporary Photography in Mexico

Existe lo que Tiene Nombre: Contemporary Photography in Mexico, an exhibition guest-curated by Sergio de la Torre and Javier Ramírez Limón, features the diverse work of 22 contemporary Mexican photographers, both emerging and established.

Addressing the question of how photos influence our understanding of reality, photographers in this exhibition explore the central issue surrounding photographic representation of the subject.

The complete portfolio of artwork from Existe lo que Tiene Nombre is co-presented by Galería de la Raza and San Francisco Camerawork.

Sat 4/11 - Sun 5/31
IN REFERENCE TO: Mexican Women of San Francisco
Digital Mural by Alejandra Regalado

In honor of the work resulting from Alejandra Regalado’s 2014 Artist-In-Residency Project, In Reference To, Galería de la Raza presents the latest digital mural, which features photos from her work in San Francisco. The series of photos taken during Regalado’s time in in the city represents one part of a six-part series, from six different cities, culminating in the portraits of 500 Mexican immigrant women as well as an accompanying 500 images of singular objects selected by each woman as a reminder of her life left behind in Mexico. In Reference To explores the experience of Mexican female immigrants across America and investigates issues of cultural identity and femininity.

Mon 5/4 | 7:30 pm
Lunada Literary Lounge ~ May 2015
Spoken Word * Música * Open Mic

Featured poets Naomi Helena Quiñonez, MK Chavez, and music by David El

Lunada’s 15th year quinceañera celebration continues in May with award winning poet, scholar, and Lunada madrina, Naomi Helena Quiñonez. Also sharing the lunar spotlight are MK Chavez, poet and co-curator of the Bay Area literary series Lyrics & Dirges, along with musical performance by singer/guitarist David El. Our open mic is the voice of the gente, where first timers, veteranos, laureates, and musicians are all welcome.

Thu 5/14 | 6:30 pm
SF Flor y Canto State of Emergency Reading
Poetry Reading
This dynamic reading features word warriors Benjamin Bac Sierra, Maurisa Thompson, Yosimar Reyes, Terrilyn R. Woodfin, Garrett Murphy, and Ana Clarissa Rojas Durazo. As our communities continue to face heinous police and state violence, we literally find ourselves in a State of Emergency. 

Curated by Amalia Alvarez, please join us for poetic performances that will give voice to the on-going state sponsored bloodshed, and also provide visions for a more beautiful and just future.

Wed 5/27 - Sun 7/5
The Q-Sides
Contemporary Photography
Opening Reception: Friday, June 5, 6-10pm

Featuring: DJ Daniela (Xica Soul) and Lowrider car show with rides featured in the exhibition

Galería de la Raza is pleased to present The Q-Sides, an exhibition of photographs and film that challenge long-held assumptions regarding the traditional exclusivity of heterosexuality in lowrider culture. Artists Vero Majano, DJ Brown Amy (Amy Martinez), and Kari Orvik reinterpret the album covers of East Side Story, Volumes 1-12 through a re-staging and re-imagining of queer inclusion within the traditionally heterosexual public image of lowrider culture. 

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